Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leaving Your Country

15 to 21, August 2010

Sometimes it is better to migrate from your country, than to stay their frustrated and/or create problems for others. 
Every one loves his/her country, and does not want to leave it. Even when forced to leave, continues to remember and love it (Exception to this is the follower of some strange religion, which teaches to love the religion and its follower more than the Mother land!)

Patriotism and Prosperity

The meaning of Patriotism can change with time. Now the society is moving towards Individualism. People are getting more focused on their personal “Net Worth”. The increasing habit of smoking in the elite group shows the stress of meeting the targets. The habit of asking “What is your Salary?” is getting more common.
At present, most often the “Netas” and their “Babus”, first think of their personal benefits than the benefit of the people whom they represent. The people qualifying the “tough competitions” for the welfare of the common citizens are bound to consider themselves superior than the people for whom they have been appointed. They justifyingly enjoy all the benefits out of the public money.
Everyone should strive for their ethical prosperity. We owe to our society and Motherland and without clearing its debt, we will never be able to stay in peace.    

Time to leave?

  1. When you are unable to get better job/livelihood in your country, and you get a better job in the foreign country (more income, better facilities, recognition, insurance, security, etc.)
  2. When you feel better business opportunity in the foreign country.
  3. When you do not have hope in the Recruitment Methods of your State/Central Government, that it will be able to identify/recognize your special talents/strengths and make use of it for the welfare of the country.  
  4. When your State and/or Central government ignores your problems.
  5. When you feel marginalized in your country, and are discriminated in the name of your caste and religion.
  6. When you are a so called “Minority” and unable to adjust with the so called “Majority”
  7. When you are unhappy with the policies of your government.
  8. When your government for the sake of “Marginal Vote Benefits”, over-appeases the Religious Minorities.
  9. When your government adopts all means, including the recent technologies, to “Tax” you, but makes no effort in taking your Vote and/or creating a voting convenience for you, especially when you are the Migrating /Roaming citizen.(Migrating Citizens of India)
  10. When the facilities and transparency provided by your government is poor compared to the Tax/fees provided by you.
  11. When you are unable to nurture your ego in your state/country.
  12. When the Human Resource policies of your government especially in relation to the cost of higher education and the time required for the completion of the academic courses is not up to your satisfaction and when you are unable to study the courses of your choice.
  13. When you are a child of a celebrity/politician and you want some special education, so that you remain different from the Common citizens of India.(Common man in India)
  14. When the cost of decent living in your country is more than your income.
  15. When the “Netas” and their “Babus”, takes the major share of the economic growth, compared to that given to the common citizens.
  16. When the “Netas” and their “Babus”, avoids using those government services, which they provide to their General Public.
  17. When the government likes in “Complicating” different procedures rather than “Simplifying” them.   
  18. When you are unable to find matrimonial match of your choice in your country, or when you are being forced to marry someone, much against your wish, or when you have got better relationship opportunity in the foreign country.  
  19. When you do not like some or many of the “Laws of the land”.
  20. When the risk to health and life increases in your country. 
  21. When you like to get better medical facility.
  22. When the crime rate is very high in your country and the Government and its staffs are indulged in corruptions.
  23. When you are not satisfied with your constitutional rights and the fundamental duties.
  24. When you feel to have been cheated by some of the government institutions.
  25. When you don’t own property in your country.
  26. When you don’t like your local community.
  27. When decentralization of infrastructure development is not their and some parts of the country is ignored by the government and the entrepreneurs.
  28. When you feel that there is better economic growth and governance in another country.
  29. When you are a laggard (in respect to income and status) compared to your peer age group and or classmates and want to try fortune in another country.
  30. Escapism: When you have lots of debts and Liabilities to clear. When you have done a crime/sin by which you have lost your reputation in the society. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010


पत्‍नीमं मनोरमां देहि मनोवृत्तानुसारिणीम्‌ ।
तारिणीं दु‍र्गसंसारसागरस्‍य कुलोद्भवाम्‌ ।। 
- श्री दु‍र्गासप्‍तशती, अर्गलास्तोत्रम्‌ (२४),  पृष्‍ठ २३५: गीता प्रेस 
"O godess Durga!, bless me with a bride who is as per my desire, whose mind and thinking is similar to mine, who will help me to get Moksha (Liberation from cycle of birth and death) and who is from good family"
Very few Brides and Bridegrooms get the right to select their life partners/ Other Half.  Very few in this world is able to marry the person whom he/she likes to marry. An Individualistic person will like to take personal interest and involvement in getting their Other Half.
At good level of maturity and at ideal level, both the partners will know their Opportunity Cost, and will try to find such a good match, that after marriage, child birth and spending the other good and bad days together for many more years, neither of the partner complains that they could had found some one else as a better life partner!
When you will meet your most matching other half, you will get positive energy and a sense of fulfillment.
©      Adventure/Prosperity/Risk loving people likes to marry the partner ahead of him/her.
©      Peace loving/Risk averse/Practical people likes to marry the partner behind of him/her.
©      Very lucky people get a like minded partner with matching appearance/age/knowledge/ego/status/prosperity etc.

Here I am listing some of the questions which a person may ask from his/her prospective Other Half.

  1. Do you like few questions or more questions?
  2. What have you thought about your ideal life partner?
  3. For brides: What is the expected profession and income of your bridegroom?
  4. What about the education of your partner? Why he/she selected the course?
  5. How many child you will like to have, how many sons and how many daughters?
  6. What type of child you want? Personality both for male and Female.
  7. How will you like to rear your child?
  8. To what extent will you like to become teacher of your own child?
  9. Will you like to teach the underprivileged children in the society?
  10. Will you like to send your child very far from you for the sake of his/her education/career?
  11. Why some child spoils?
  12. What will you do in the case of undesired pregnancy?
  13. What about adopting a child?
  14. What if the child deviates from the normal path and or becomes a laggard? 
  15. What if our child expresses desire to marry outside the caste/community/religion/race?
  16. Who are your Investors? (Apart from Mother and Father, some people may too contribute money and/or services/attendance at the time of health problem/hospitalization and similar many other occasions of life, of yourself or some of your family members. In reward of this they may even wish you to marry one of them or their family member, etc.). What are the expectations of your Investors from you/your parents? Is their any pressure from their side? Are they happy with our possible alliance?
  17. You like “Merger” with your Other Half or to be “Acquired” by him/her? What will be the cost of your “Acquisition”?
  18. Who else now likes to invest on you?
  19. Is their any marriage pressure on you from your parents and/or your relatives and/or the relatives of the Other Half of your siblings? 
  20. Which Television Channels will you like to watch, when you are alone in the room and when you are with your family?
  21. What are your favorite Television serials and the Film?
  22. Exposure to Computer and Digital world? What are your favorite Internet sites, and what are the subjects which you browse on the net?
  23. How will you like to position yourself in your new family?
  24. Will you like to be a Home maker and or in a business/profession?
  25. Why have you selected me for your life partner? Caste / Religion / Family / Profession, Money and or Property /Health, Personality, Behavior and Attitude / For happiness of your parents / Worried about the increase in age / Or that I am attracted to you, crazy behind you, etc.
  26. What is best method for family planning: Abstinence / Contraceptives / Surgical sterilization, etc?
  27. What are your thoughts on financial planning? Insurance/Loan/Investments, etc.?
  28. What is your monthly expenditure?
  29. Which are your favorite brands of Soap, Shampoo, Scent and Deodorants?
  30. What about your dress and clothing style? How many dresses you will like to have?
  31. What about staying along with the parents and siblings of the Other Half?
  32. What if the family condition (siblings/guardians) are not good.
  33. Will you like to treat your mother in law as your own mother/sister/daughter and father in law as your own father/brother/son?
  34. What if your partner is a frequent traveler?
  35. How you like your “In Laws” to treat you?
  36. What will you do when the bread earner of the family is unable to earn more or has landed into Job gap, or is moving towards pauperism?
  37. In the case of Hindu Bride: Will she like to exercise her claim on the property of her parents after the marriage? What if her brother and/or sister ask her to leave the claim?
  38. How can you know whether or not your partner has some secret affairs with some one else?
  39. Have you earlier loved some one? If yes, why you are not marrying him/her? If no, don’t you lack the normal human feelings?
  40. Has some one before me expressed you the desire to become your partner. If yes, why you rejected his/her plea? If no, then how you can claim to have positive impact on the opposite sex?
  41. Under what circumstances can you seek divorce from your partner?
  42. What will you do when your partner starts being irresponsible towards you and/or the family?
  43. What if you happen to feel that your partner has started having an extramarital relationship?
  44. What about the Indian Mythology: Sita, Savitri, Draupadi, Sati, Menaka and Vishwamitra, Narad’s infatuation, Krishna and Gopi, Subhadra and Abhimanyu? etc.
  45. What do you think about Vegetarianism and animal rights?
  46. Which is your favorite animal?
  47. What do you think about prayers and keeping religious fasts?
  48. What if the partner is rich/high incomer but has the habit of smoking and/or drinking and/or other addictions?
  49. Do you believe in astrology? Re-Birth after Death?
  50. For which party and politician you like to vote?
  51. Your preferences for society: Egalitarian vs. complementarian.
  52. What about personal hygiene? Apart from daily bath, when will you like to have extra bath? What about bathing in cold months?
  53. What is your regular sleeping and waking up time?
  54. How you like to spend your holidays-When with family and when alone?
  55. What makes you angry? How you express your anger?
  56. What books you like to read and music you like to hear?
  57. You prefer joint family or nuclear family?
  58. Your preference for House, Car and Jewellery?  
  59. What is the cause for which this life can be sacrificed?
  60. What development in the world makes you happy?
  61. What are your present worries?
  62. What about your net worth?
  63. What will be your need for servants/home maid? For what type of works will you require the servant/home maid?
  64. What about the friends of your life partner? After marriage will you like him/her to dilute the relationship with the existing friends?
  65. To the bride (from the bridegroom, assuming that the bride is the “leader”/High incomer and the bridegroom is the “laggard”/low incomer, the alliance has been due to many other non monetary/wealth factors. The bride has no feeling of respect and happiness towards the relationship.): Ok! you like to do job for being financially independent /secure, and enhance your talents. You have also not changed your name after marriage; you also do not put any signs of a married woman (Sindoor, Mangalsutra, etc.). What if some of your old lover/male colleague/male customer, etc. thinking that you are still single, becomes crazy behind you?
  66. How you like to present yourself? As you are in your most often normal form, or as some high profile person (Hypocrisy)
  67. What do you feel about the life of a common man in India? (Common Man in India)
  68. How you treat your competitors?
  69. How you treat a person older in age from you, but at lower professional/educational (formal) hierarchy than you?
  70. How you react in an adverse situation?
  71. While eating a special food, limited in quantity, will you like to share and eat/ just eat it yourself/ eat it yourself at a lonely place?
  72. To what extent you can empathize or sympathize with others?
  73. How long you can wait for someone? (Perseverance and Faith)
  74. What about making a promise and keeping it?
  75. Will you like to meet your goals by any means or take cares of the means too?
  76. What you feel about adopting unfair means (telling lie, accepting or giving bribe, Seduction, etc.) for getting a work done?
  77. Will you like to have a joint bank account or a personal bank account?
  78. Will you like to share the passwords of your email/social network sites/ Internet banking/ATM cards, etc. with your Other Half?
  79. In the case of your investments, whom you will like to make your nominee: Parents +/Other Half+/off springs+/siblings etc.
  80. Will you like to give better wage (more than the existing rate) to the Daily wage labors/workers engaged in your service?
  81. What things will you like to share with others: That you cannot like to use for yourself? Or that you like to use for yourself?
  82. While on travel, how long can you “hold” from relieving yourself at the places where there is no proper toilet facility?
  83. Grandparents enjoy being with their grandchildren, but some parent feel that they can spoil the child. What do you feel?
  84. What makes you feel proud of yourself?
  85. What will be your tolerance to the laziness and other wasteful habits of your other half?
  86. What is the level of your “Forgiveness and Forgetting” the mistakes of others.
  87. Will the success of your other half more than that of yours, will make you feel insecure and jealous?
  88. How you like to socialize yourself? Will you like to mingle well with your neighbors?
  89. Will you like to donate your eyes /other organs after your death?
  90. Do you believe in Moksha, life after death, ghosts, religious rituals after death, etc.?
  91. How much offerings you make in a religious/charitable ceremonies?
  92. How much buckets of water you require for bathing? How much time you spend in the bathroom?
  93. Do you like to bath in morning or evening hours?
  94. Do you like to use squatting or sitting type of lavatory?
  95. What eating behavior should be adopted in a high profile society? Normal eating with hand, licking the fingers, and than washing the hands and mouth along with gurgle/ washing hand in the plate itself, or eating habit-eating with spoon+/ fork and using tissue papers to clean the hand and lips?
  96. What you feel about the snoring at the time of sleeping?
  97. What do you feel about the life of a transgender? What about the ‘Same sex’ relationships?
  98. What do you feel about the "Gandharva vivaah" and "Live in Relationships"?
  99. To the bride: If you happen to get/hold an important post in the “ministry of women and child development” or in the “national commision of women”, what will you do for the welfare of Women and Child?
  100. “In government Job or in a private job, a person may recruit someone to find his/her “Other Half”/to meet his need of sex/offspring/to get the “Other half” of his/her offspring(s)/relatives etc.” What do you feel about it? 
  101. Will you attend your "Other half", if he/she reaches to the condition, in which he/she has to do toilet on the bed itself, and he/she is unable to clean himself/herself.
  102. What if the parents of the "Other half" reaches to the same condition. Will you you like to attend them?
  103. What you feel about doing the menial work?
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