Saturday, April 20, 2019

God & Nature

We human being has the ability to think, discover and invent new things. Though we are in the Hands (Control) of the Nature, but still we try to understand and control it.

Nature and God are Synonyms. Those with strong scientific attitude may understand Nature but may not appreciate the presence of God.

जीवो जीवस्य भोजनम् (One life depends on another for food), I had heard the saying from my father who was a non-vegetarian. While reading Surya mantra, I found that the Fire and Sun eats almost everything. Phototropic/autotrophic Crops depends on light, water and minerals to prepare there food. They need insects and wind for pollination, Bacteria for nitrogen fixation and nutrient mobilization. They also depend on fungus, earthworms, etc. So they too depend on other life. Human and animals eat crops. There are many food chains from virus, bacteria to Tiger, Eagle, Human, etc. 
Humans are polyphagous and have to get into some of these food chains. We grow crop, eat them. We domesticate some animals to meet our several food, cloth and transport requirements.
The invention of machines and tools have given us more power to understand and control the Nature.

The beauty of God & and Nature is that they motivate us, challenge us, allow us to question there existence, still there presence cannot be ignored!

As per astrology, our behaviors and fate are controlled through gravitational forces by different planets. There are managements above the ruling of these planets. Like our parliament, there are some planets supporting us and there are some creating resistance to us. Our hard work can make us to get good benefits from all planets and Gods. But ultimately death comes to even the most successful person in life! Some people create good examples and they continue to live in our memory, even after there physical death.
By seeing a person being in prosperity for most duration of his/her life and a person being in poverty/disease/deformation for most duration of his/her life, the theory of Karma or works of past  birth (theory of life after death) emerged and became popular. 

Resistance and Support is for the Nature and also for all God's known to us. Time is considered as Supreme, but Money or Energy can have effect on Time. For example a women can save her egg in early age at a cell/organ bank and use that egg to produce child after her menopause or in the old age.
Many religious books say that there are only 24 hours/day in life of all beings and those who utilize there Time most properly, they achieve there focused goal. 

When we domesticate animals and plants, we have to take there care and feed them. But a time comes when we have to sell that animal/plant, use or kill it for our food, give it to someone, or depart from it.
In a similar way we can think about some power above us to use us in different food chain or economic process.

The management of God is like a simple game of Snake and ladder or a complicated game of Chess. Things appear before us as per our attitude (thoughts, bias, faith) and actions for our and others livelihood (Philanthropy and Parasitism/Predatism). Nature blesses us with the ability to select things, or make choices or cast vote. 

Now when we are thinking to live on Moon, Mars and other Planets, our hard work and dedications may pave new paths for us. Nothing is impossible. Present God will be happy when we will make our self a God. But Resistance and Supports will be at all stage, even after residing on some other planet!

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