Monday, March 7, 2011


I am pondering on this topic from 20 January 2011.
  • What we are in our opinion and to those related to us. It is our personality, finances, attitude, success, relations, etc.
  • Our Nature is often the function of our family background (immediate parents), friend circle, our community, Education, Profession, Spending habits, Nature of the Spouse and Children, etc.
  • Nature often reflects our paradoxes, hypocrisy, intelligence, cleverness, how we deal with our friends, Seniors, Juniors, enemy and level of our “openness and transparency”, etc.
Some approaches to identify the Nature:
  1. What you often like to become and what you often do under self motivation?
  2. When you sit on internet, the contents that you often browse and read and that what is easily accepted and retained by your memory.
  3. Who are your role models.
  4. In class room, where you seat.
  5. Your makeups, hypocrisy and show.
  6. The thoughts, aspirations which often come to your mind and dreams.
  7. The topics on which you discuss and write when self motivated.
  8. The television channels which you watch, when alone, when with parents and when with friends.
  9. Your perceptions towards different things/situations in life.
  10. The things which you recommend to others.
  11. Your ego level and how you satisfy your ego.
  12. If suddenly deprived of all monetary supports, the way in which you will move ahead?
  13. If suddenly deprived of all emotional supports, the way in which you will react?
  14. The reasons for which you love and/or marry someone.
  15. What you do when some one forces/compels you to do something?
  16. Your reactions to different violence, stressful and adverse situations.
  17. Human Resource Test: When all jobs have same salary, when there is no competition, and getting professions you desire is very easy, then the profession which you will like to take up.

Those who often get into Dilemma/Cross roads are often Laggards and Failures. In this situation Writing/Blogging, increasing Horizontal growth, increasing Openness-Transparency, and taking professional consultancy services may be able to identify the Nature, which will help in understanding the matching System/Situation thus the Direction and Fortune.

Some of the services for Identifying our Nature are:
  2. Career Counselling from IGNOU
  3. Monster India-Psychometric Test
  4. Central Test-Psychometric
  5. Astrology/Career SWOT analysis
  6. Astrology/ Career forecast
  7. Sakshat-The educational portal from HRD Ministry, GOI
  • What we like to become, considering the motivation factors, livelihood, prosperity and other sense of satisfactions around it.  
  • Vast number of economies/Systems like Formal schools, colleges and training institutes, religious conversions, etc. are based on it. 
  • Conversion towards Nature is with very less Resistance, whereas Conversion against the Nature has High Resistance.
  • Most of the people live life to “impress” others, or for “what others talk about him/her”, or how others “react” toward him/her, so the Conversion often takes place to meet the expectation of others.  
  • Conversion is towards what we are attracted. It is towards what others (especially, family, society, age/maturity group friends, employers, employee, etc. expects from us).
  • Conversion is towards the Systems in which successful+/rich+/affluent+/prosper+/happy (materialistic) people lives.
  • The Factors which motivates Conversions are, Systems with Secured Job, Salary (High), authority/power, accommodation, vehicle, Beauty, Sex, Money, Tasty Food, Property, water resources, Security, and other pampering facilities.Grants/Donations/Charity/Providing salary even when not productive, etc. causes strong reason for Conversion of Beneficiary towards the Benefactors.
  • The Systems which pampers their Human resources, often kills the entrepreneurship qualities and makes them to breed the “pampered children”. 
  • Such Systems and Conversions often promotes inequality, hierarchy, promotes jealousy, ego related problems, revolts, and criminal activities, especially among those who could not properly Convert themselves, due to inner or situational resistance.
  • Religious Systems will Convert Nature by “Sanskaras”/Baptism/Circumcision, Providing Emotional and Financial support at the "immediate need of hour", etc. 
  • Conversion is best in the early young age, when we are infant, student, learner and virgin.
  • It is the economy in which a person operates. It is his/her educational, professional and administrative setups-rules, regulations, formalities, disciplines and expectations by the government and employer.
  • System Supports the Conversion of Nature.
  • Systems of Previous births (If you believe in Rebirth after Death), family, Governments, Current Employment and society have impact on the Nature.
  • Natures with Leadership qualities, Entrepreneurs, Bureaucrats, Writers, Celebrities, Philosophers, Saints, Astrologers, Priests, intellectuals, Strong-Dominant-Effluent people are able to create new Systems.
  • System should be like an amoeba so that it can adjust well its shape as per the changing situation, and it can “take up”/recruit the right human resource suited to its needs.
  • The person/Nature who does not find the most suited job is unfortunate and the System which does not find their most suited human resources/Nature is also unfortunate.
  • Every organisation is bound by a systematic rules and regulations (constitution). The person, who understands the System, follows the rules and regulations, meets the requirements of the system is often successful (in terms of respect, money and sex)  in life.
  • Smart Systems are able to identify their human resources and try to acquire them, often without bothering about educational qualifications, experiences, and other Conversions.
  • Smart Nature/People are able to identify their Systems and strive hard to get into it through different suitable Conversions.
  • Unfortunate Systems (Failures, Pauperism, Begging, Sex work, Theft, Loot, Terrorism, Naxalism, other forms of Violence, Diseases, Health hazards, Parasites, forceful/lured religious and Cultural conversions, Bribing, Tempting, etc.) are smarter than the Fortunate Systems in finding out their Nature/Human resources.
  • Many of the so called Unorganized Systems are also smarter in finding their Nature/Human resources.
  • Fortunate systems (those that pamper their human resources/Nature) are most often with very limited capacity, does not like openness and transparency, and quiet often are not smart and fortunate in finding their suitable human resources/Nature.
  • For example, the Systems of Transgenders in India and Emotionally Orthodox religious/cultural/linguistic Systems are very particular in finding out and acquiring their Nature, sometimes even forcefully!
  • With the increasing number of Natures (Population), if the number of Systems (Economies) to utilize the Nature and sustain themselves also increases, there will be an egalitarian growth, happiness and prosperity.
  • Similar Systems will Compete and also Cooperate. After some Decentralizations and Mergers-Acquisitions the Systems will attain sustainability.
  • Government (Administrative System) should promote formation of many systems by privatizing almost all Government enterprises, so that there is no monopoly from Government side and there is lots of Oligopoly. The Government System will then act as a "Refree". Currently the Government Systems tends to pamper their selected sections of Natures/the loyalists, when in need of public support, at the time of election and internal conflicts/domestic violence.
  • Educational Systems, Human Resource Training Systems should be smart enough to analyze and screen the different “Natures” at very young age itself (Misery and Misfortune Management).  For matching the best suited Nature for the System, Global opportunities should be taken into consideration, and getting Passport and Visas should be made easy.
  • System and nature should not develop bias for each other and “Shifts”/ “divorces” to match the perfect Nature to the perfect System should always be welcomed. 
  • The Fortunate Systems should hunt for their Nature in the manner similar to Unfortunate Systems.
  • The Natures comprising of failed ones, laggards, dulls, less intelligent are often the supporters, hosts and Fortune providers of the so called Successful Natures (Celebrities/Leaders) who in return, often sustain the livelihood of many follower and fan type of Nature.
  • In the egalitarian system, individualists will be more and the gap between the failures/laggards and successful people/leaders will be very less. System and Nature will easily find each others, without much struggles and barriers. 
  • A Nature feeling/or being considered "Undervalued"/lost/misplaced, unable to participate in generating income, unable to perform up to the expectation will be in condition of mismatched System and Nature.
  • The System may tolerate an "Underperformed" Nature, allowing him/her to Convert to the Expectations or may allow him/her to discover his right Nature and find the suitable System for him/her or "fire" him/her out with or without insult/torture.
  • The System in which a Nature  has become a "Parasite", it will be best to help and motivate the Nature in "Shifting" to the right System.
  • Well diversified Systems with good coordination along with a central control, will often find some or other ways to utilize the different "Natures", controlling parasitism and "misfortunes".
  • Parasitism is no doubt a failure on part of the System in "goal orientation" and selecting right Nature, but Parasitism is a pessimistic view. Same in terms of optimistic view will be "empowering" the human resource/the Nature, so that he/she can later empower others and to the Systems which helped him/her in self realization and attaining the potentials that are well rewarded by the situational demands/markets.
  • For a good System good Natures are important and for good Nature, planned/disciplined breeding is very important. Systems often decide, who should breed and who not!
My Personal Nature: I am bit lazy, slow in many expected activities, but I am consistent learner. Procrastination/Student syndrome/Perfectionism and "taking things for granted"  do sometimes affects me. I like flexibility and find difficulty in selecting. I selected Plantation course out of beauty, short duration, Government support, but it did not helped.
I love Sanskrit, Often also support maithili, speak Hindi, but earn my livelihood and express myself in English. Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali are often close to me.
I take my own time in understanding the world, and the world too takes its own time in understanding me!.

I have been in formal education from year 1988 to 2008, i.e. 20 years with “gap” of 2 years, so totally 18 years. But I could never learn what profession will suit me best and fulfill my life. I stayed 4 months with my second Boss, who told me that my personality suits best to become a teacher/professor, and I should not damage his business, and he paid half of what he had committed, and later “fired” me out.
Again after staying for 4-5 months with my third boss (IIM studied), he told me to come to his house and teach his children.
Without hurting anyone's feelings, and in lighter sense, I often feel that many of the Schools with good infrastructures are just meant to give job to the "educated wives (English and other Foreign language speaking)" of the "Rich and effluent men".

Teaching my Teacher
·        During All India Tour of my B.Sc Agriculture, when our course teacher and tour guide took us to the house (now maintained as museum) of some of our former Prime Minister, I asked my teacher about family based legacy and importance of death. I discussed, “Do you feel that the children born in the family of “noble people” will also be noble or continue to be “noble” and will the Child born in the family of Common man will continue to be Common.
How much land, property, money, etc. should be given to a dead people? Detachment to Dead people is important, keeping some of the lessons learnt from them, alive.
·        During my Management course, In a session on Energy auditing, which was handled by the Director of the Institute, who also happened to be the Course Professor, I remarked, that many of the “High Profile” people, even in the warm weather, wears thick jacket/coat as mark of their Position, and sits in Air conditioned room/car, and ironically they often talk of Energy Accounting/Auditing/Saving!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Economic sense

On 27 February 2011 (Sunday), went to a temple in Hosur, without “donatable amount” to pray some Mantra/Sloka/Stotram for a better fortune. While I was going out, a person called me and asked to give some money say Rs.25 and above, for which I said that I will like to give him or the temple later as I don’t have change.

This felt me to ponder – The temple and the priests too need money, which the “devotees” must give.

“Donations” is for the intellectuals, people associated with “Religion and Philosophy”, and Non Profit Organizations-all those associated with “Brahma and Saraswati”. “Donations” are as per our ability and willingness. “Hope for good fortune”, “Emotional blackmails”, “Blessings and Curse” acts as a compelling force.

“Tax” is for the administrator (elected, nominated, self nominated), who “fuels and runs” the different socio economic activities (positive and negative). Hope of administrative support, recognitions, fear of criminal and legal charges, social security, etc., acts as a compelling force.

“Salary and wage” is for the people who are supporting an economic system, designed by entrepreneurs. The desire of “continuity”, the power of vote, support and threat from the human resources, motivations and demotivations, etc., acts as the compelling force.

“Service Charge Margins/Commissions and Profit are for the people who are in Business and Trade. Fulfillment of different material needs, providing convenience and support, meeting of the demands; backed by purchasing power and disposable income acts as the compelling force.

“Interest” is for the time and situation based monetary/cash/credit service providers.

For a happy and complete life, Donations, Tax, Salary and wage, Margins and Commissions, Interests along with the Principal installment should be happily paid.