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Property (Land, House, Factory etc.)

  1. The major portion of the salary of the “High salaried” person goes into the property, and other tangible assets.
  2. Property like good house will help you to get “good”+/“attractive” bride(s)/bridegroom(s) or/and “girlfriends” +/ “boyfriends”. It may increase the chances/risk of exogamy, but the progeny resulted out of it may not have that much emotional attachment to the ancestral property.
  3. It promotes marriage between the cousins and other forms of endogamy. Attachment to property often prevents to take the advantage of exogamy and other cross breeding.
  4. It makes to think of having more children.
  5. Property creates differences/conflicts/separation between the siblings, parents and other relatives, particularly when the dependence of children and grand children on parental property is more.
  6. Property creates many forms of ego and war.
  7. Few people can leave property to get a like minded friend/partner from other community. They value some special Human resource more important than the property.
  8. Individualists may not have that much attachment/affinity to the parental property. 
  9. Some people can align even with the unlike minded people for property. They value Property more important than the Human resource or ethics.
  10. Property motivates the people to maintain it and make it to grow/expand.
  11. Property helps the people to enjoy the Benefits of being in existence.
  12. Protection and Maintenance of property may prevents many people from enjoying the experience of travel and tourism.
  13. Investments in Property, most often creates Cash crunch to even the high profile rich people.
  14. Rising cost of Property, inflates the economy, and promotes materialism.
  15. Rising cost of Property de motivates many entrepreneurs in starting new businesses.
  16. Legal provisions like “Reverse Mortgage” helps the old people, not getting benefit from grown up children, to meet their liquidity requirements.
  17. Property and Power are closely related and all powerful people like to have more property.
  18. Property promotes many criminal activities like land grabbing. Many high profile and "respectful" personality may get corrupted in greed for the property. 
  19. Property may not be an issue for some of the migrating citizens/Banjaras/Gujjars. They mainly depend on the rent/leased form of property. 
  20. Property prevents to take advantages of opportunities in other countries and different forms of governances. 
  21. Property and Prodigal child is quiet often closely related, but many noble people do born in the house of the person having quiet large property.
  22. Property may not be easily liquidated. Under situations of very high cash requirements, it may be unwillingly sold at an "undervalued" price.
  23. Property promotes culture and business activities. 
  24. Property promotes Prosperity.
  25. Too much attachment to property may make a person "ghost" after his/her death. Attachment to property may also make to get rebirth in the same family, or difficulty in getting Moksha. 
  26. Many people dependent on religion for their livelihood, may like and make wish to their "client" for donating some property to them. Here quiet good amount of emotional blackmails are used.
  27. It can be partially/slowly/perpetually liquidated through different economic activities (e.g. Agriculture, Hotel, Rent/Lease, Paying Guest,Dharamshala, Production process, etc. The value of return from liquidation depends on the place (other property/location, concentration of resources, level of urbanization) and time (situation).
  28. The Indian Legal system are most often engaged by the property related cases. 
  29. Property gives employment to many people. In the present digital era, many softwares and devices like Geographical Information System, Geographical Positioning System, Satellite imagery, etc. are being used to mange the property. Government should use the new technologies to make digital records of all land and property documents, so that all the transactions/dealings related to property are ethical and transparent. 
  30. If the owner of the property does not utilizes it/consummates it, the Property will have tendency to "leave" and become someone's else. 
|| पुत्र कुपुत्र तु कि धन अरजे, पुत्र सुपुत्र तु कि धन अरजे || गीता प्रेस, गोरखपुर 
When the Child is of bad character, what is the use of accumulating the wealth? If the Child is of good  character than also what is the need of the wealth accumulation? Gita Press, Gorakhpur.

    Love Relationship and Marriage

    A person may fell in Love with some one due to Similarity (Supplementary effect/Synergetic effect) between them or Dissimilarity (Complementary effect/Fulfilling effect) between them.

    If you have faith in Past birth and Rebirth, then believe that the marriage, love and intimate sexual relationship(s) of past birth(s) do have impact on the present birth. Ø
    Since rebirth is due to not getting “Moksha”, and some sins (unbalanced Debit/Credit in terms of relations and finance), it is quiet possible that your past births partner(s) reappear in your life, make you crazy, but do not become yours! Or become yours, but out of some situational compulsion and you may not like her/him. On having many intimate sexual relationships in past birth, it is quiet possible to get more than one wife/husband in the present birth, or extramarital relationships, or disturbed relationships, or many love failures, not getting the desired other half, situational or compelled single-hood, loss of other half (some days after marriage, or before completion of old age), situation of staying away from each other for many days in a year, etc.
    Those, like many Sadhus/Monks/Bachelors who haven't "fulfilled" themselves by getting intimate (ethical sexual relationship) and supporting and getting supported by an opposite sex as "Other Half" may too find difficulty in getting the "Other Half" in the next birth(s). 
    The rich/ more influential/strong/dominant people will have more probability to get into polygamy or intimate sexual relationships with more than one partner.
    These all relations will again decide the fate in the next birth(s). The children and dependents are also the result of unbalanced Debit/Credit of past births of the individual and family.

    Money/wealth/job/salary/personality/family/race/religion/caste/educational qualifications/jealousy/competition/other relationships/other ego factors, etc. play an important role in making and deciding the fate of the love relationships, which starts with the first sight, creations of impressions and follow-ups.  
    To bid a high incomer/successful bride/bridegroom even compromises with genealogy and astrological factors are made in many parts of the country.

    Most often the Love is between the people having some Similarity (Supplementary effect/Synergetic effect) between them (say being attractive, both being successful, happening to be together, etc.), but the cases of divorce and frustrations after marriage may also be high in this category, especially due to ego, jealousy, imbalance between work life and family life, misunderstandings, children related problems, existing relationships and 'influencing of divorce', etc. Here both the partners may have dominating effect and issues related to children may get less prioritized.
    Many successful person, either do not marry, even when they marry, produce no to very few child and most often their child will not be so successful.
    In the case of failed love, frustrations are quiet natural. To control frustration, try to use the power of wisdom. Sometimes when there is a serious virus attack in the computer, it is recommended to use the "System Restore" tool to "undo harmful changes to your computer". Think about your life, which was before meeting the "infatuating" partner, who could not become yours. Try to meet your good old friends of days before meeting that partner. Make balance sheet of all good and bad deeds done by you. Charitable/Philanthropic activities, visiting of religious places and eco-tourism sites, watching of comedy movies, etc. will also help. This all will give you lots of comforts. 
    I am not sure, but I am developing notion that the love relationships with the intention of marriage+/sex, should be avoided between the Rashi (Vedic astrology) of self and that of the very close blood relatives, though there may be good similarity in thoughts and understandings.

    But most marriage, with no or least cases of divorce is in the cases of some Dissimilarity (Complementary effect/Fulfilling effect) between them, though there may be frustrations (say differences in income, property, success level, ego, height, weight, color, age, education, past relationships, etc.). Here one partner will have more dominating effect on the other, which will be happily/unhappily accepted by the other. Here issues related to children will get prioritized, at least by one partner! God does not give all happiness to everyone.

    The successful marriages are the combination of some Similarity (Supplementary effect/Synergetic effect) and some Dissimilarity (Complementary effect/Fulfilling effect).

    Balanced diet is better than that of the one type of tasty food. Many online matrimonial sites will be in better position to comment on the factors which influences the "Natural Selection in Human Breeding".

    The active age for involving in career related success and fruitful copulation coincides. The professionally successful couples, not having successful child will feel very unhappy at the later part of their life. So at least one partner, especially the mother should compromise with the hunger of personal success and both partners should involve in parenting, as the professional success may come in the later age, but the time to involve in active parenting will be limited for a short young age (20s and somewhat early part of 30s) in life. A mother’s (along with the father and other family member’s) one year active parenting (copulation, pregnancy and delivery) will prevent her and the family, from the difficulties involved in grooming of the child in somewhat later stages of life.

    Ø (I often feel that I had more than one love/intimate relationships in my past birth, and I was rich man, but due to some of my good deeds, I got birth in quiet good family, but could not get the expected love relationship and have to often face shortage/limitation of money. Though having desire to get “Dharma”, “Artha”, “Kama”and “Moksha” in this life, much imperfectness, sensual desires, limitations and laggardness became part of it! Currently I have reached near to completion of the average Half Life (30 years), but still I have not found my expected “Other Half”. I (Kanya Rasi) got attracted to a girl of Singh rasi, Kanya Rasi, Karka rasi and the Vrishabh rasi (by name, not sure of date of birth)-all improperly expressed, short duration and failed!. I finding many “dissimilarities” “rejected” the girl who had come in my fate, mainly due to the family based issues. The girl of Singh rasi, though a year smaller than me was ahead of me in life. “One sided” love for her was so strong that I was able to “feel” her even by being on a very distant place from her. She had “Synergetic effect” on me and my mind kept on giving feelings for her, such that the year in which she got “engaged”, the feelings for her increased, and later on knowing that she is between Marriage and Single hood I even expressed desire to marry her, but her success in career, my laggardness and struggle in career and something unknown, kept her to strongly avoid me. Many astrologers do not recommend the marriage between Singh and Kanya. I used “Gyan yoga” and mantra therapy to control my emotions towards her.) 

    Friday, December 24, 2010

    Stress/Trauma Management

    Almost daily and mainly on Sunday, I see many butcher shops operating on the road side of Hosur and many other parts of the country (very less in Gujarat). I do feel sympathy for the poor animals standing in queue to be killed. Condition of many human beings are not much different from them.

    The Goat/Ship’s strategy: When a goat/sheep standing in queue to be killed for meat, see their fellow goat/sheep being killed, though scared and unhappy, they try to avoid seeing the scene, maintain silence, tries to graze something, even try to have sex with the nearby goats and when taken for killing they cry (some loudly, some in feeble voice) until they are no more to cry!
    Many human beings and other animals too follow the same strategy. 

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010

    Using Astrology in Planning the Life

    The Traders and speculators in the stock/commodity market use Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis to plan their trade and gain profit while reducing the risks and minimizing the loss.
    These analysis is based on the belief that "History Repeats Itself". All businesses, particularly the insurance industry is based on Trend Analysis. Learnings from the Past forms the basis of Planning for the Future.
    Astrology is too a similar science. Similar to the Exchange markets, Human life is too filled with many risks and uncertainties. From the beginning of civilizations, people would be trying to analyze the fact why some one becomes so fortunate and someone so unfortunate? Why some one is able to gain maximum success and happiness in life? Based on the different studies and generalizations, some conclusions on human fate would had been derived which became the science of Astrology. 
    Indian Vedic Astrology takes time of birth, date of birth, and place of birth for predicting the fortune. Palmistry, finger print reading, face reading, hand-writing reading, etc. are also used by many astrologers/personality analyzers.
    The influence of planets (astronomical objects), Vastu sastra, color, metals and stones, "karma of past birth", karma in the present life, relationship with relatives, dependents and friends, etc. are also used in explaining many happenings in life.
    Some people have good intuition and they can foresee some events. Some people talks of their dream coming true. These all may be the effects of different mental energies, influence of past birth or the "spirits".
    Career and Sex are the too main goals of most of the living beings. (As per the Indian philosophy, apart from     Arth (Money) and Kama (Sex), the other two are Spiritualism/Dharma and Moksha).
    Very few people get success in getting the desired career, sexual relationships, progenies, property, recognition, etc. Large number of people suffers from one or the other frustrations. 
    The science of astrology can be used to manage the frustrations by providing prudence, perseverance and rationalism towards different disturbing events in life.
    I too ponder about the possibility of getting a progeny with fate and success similar to a given successful personality by a planned and controlled copulation, pregnancy, delivery and grooming of the child. For this the mutual understanding and cooperation between the male-female copulating partners are must.
    Sometimes in a society, a female is more successful than the "matching age group" males of that society. In this case, without compromising her ego, she will find difficulty in getting the bridegroom. If not motivated/"compelled" to marry, possibility of her remaining unmarried  is high which is not good from the "Eugenics" point of view, but may be good from the entrepreneur/leader point of view!. (In India and many parts of the world, marriages are mainly out of the compulsion by parents, family, society, etc.). Here again the astrology can play an important role to help the female in taking her marriage decision. This also holds good for the male who finds difficulty in getting his "perfect" "other half".
    If we take a successful personality who was able to get success in career (remuneration, recognition) and sex (love, marriage with the desired partner with getting of progeny (successful and fertile)), study his/her place and time of birth and make a back calculation about the probable time of copulation by his/her parents, and try to replicate some of the environmental factors which prevailed from his/her copulation to delivery and grooming, will it not be possible to get a child near to the success of that personality?
    Many successful astrologers would be those who have studied large number of successful personalities and the environmental factors associated with them.
    It is bit difficult to plan the copulation, but the time of marriage and culture has role in it. Creating good environment during pregnancy is quiet easy to attain. Deciding the suitable place of delivery can also be planned, and it is quiet easy to attain.
    After the child's birth, his/her kundli/horoscope should be prepared and analysed. The study of the kundli should be in the background of new environment and new opportunities. The successful personalities with similar kundili/horoscope/date, time and place of birth should also be studied. Recommendations from other branches of astrology like palmistry, Numerology, Nadi astrology can also be taken into account.

    Based on these astrological predictions, with the study of new environment and opportunities, if the direction/path of life is planned, will it not be easy for the child to attain success?

    Genealogy/Family Tree:  As we cannot separate ourself from some of the hereditary diseases, we cannot separate ourself from the good and bad deeds of our ancestors, parents and other relatives. An individual and/or a family needs to maintain the genealogical records/family tree of their parents, relatives and ancestors, especially in reference to the timings and date of the important events like birth, different turning points, education, profession, relations, fortunes and misfortunes, success and mistakes, children, investments, death,  etc. These records will also play a very important role in planning the life of the young child.
    For the believers of Life after Death: Quiet often, the deceased family members/relatives, takes rebirth in the same family. So the family records will help in giving the child a better future.

    Acknowledgement: I am grateful to Shri Nagaprasad, CEO, Safe Trade Advisors (, Bangalore,  who taught me the basics of Technical and Fundamental analysis in Commodity Trading.

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    ॐ तपः The Child and Parenting

    मम योनिर्महद्ब्रह्म तस्मिन्गर्भं दधाम्यहम्।

    संभवः सर्वभूतानां ततो भवति भारत॥१४- ३॥

    (हे भारत, यह महद् ब्रह्म (मूल प्रकृति) योनि है, और मैं उसमें गर्भ देता हूँ। इस से ही सभी जीवों का जन्म होता है हे भारत।)
    सर्वयोनिषु कौन्तेय मूर्तयः संभवन्ति याः।
    तासां ब्रह्म महद्योनिरहं बीजप्रदः पिता॥१४- ४॥

    ( हे कौन्तेय, सभी योनियों में जो भी जीव पैदा होते हैं, उनकी महद् ब्रह्म तो योनि है (कोख है), और मैं बीज देने वाला पिता हूँ।)
    (Spoken by Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 14, Verse 3 "My womb is the great Nature (Prakriti or MAYA). In that I place the germ (embryo of life). Thence is the birth of all beings."
    Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 14, Verse 4 "Whatever forms are born, O Arjuna, in any womb whatsoever, the great Brahma (Nature) is their womb and I am the seed-giving father."
    Explanation: Prakriti (Nature), made up of the three qualities (Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas), is the material cause of all beings.
    In the great Prakriti, I place the seed for the birth of Brahma (the creator, also known as Hiranyagarbha, or Ishwar, or the conditioned Brahman), and the seed gives birth to all beings. The birth of Brahma (the creator) gives rise to the birth of beings.
    The primordial Nature (prakriti) gives birth to Brahma, who creates all beings.
    (I am the father; the primordial Nature is the mother).)
    यावत्संजायते किंचित्सत्त्वं स्थावरजङ्गमम्।
    क्षेत्रक्षेत्रज्ञसंयोगात्तद्विद्धि भरतर्षभ॥१३- २६॥

    ( हे भरतर्षभ, जो भी स्थावर यां चलने-फिरने वाले जीव उत्पन्न होते हैं, तुम उन्हें इस क्षेत्र (शरीर तथा उसके विकार आदि) और क्षेत्रज्ञ (आत्मा) के संयोग से ही उत्पन्न हुआ समझो।) Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 13, Verse 26 "Wherever a being is born, whether unmoving or moving, know thou Arjuna, that it is from the union between the field and the knower of the field." (Purusha is the knower of the field; Prakriti is the field; Shiva is another name for the knower of the field and Shakti is the field; Spirit is another name for the knower of the field and Matter (Prakriti) is the field.))
    गतिर्भर्ता प्रभुः साक्षी निवासः शरणं सुहृत्।
    प्रभवः प्रलयः स्थानं निधानं बीजमव्ययम्॥९- १८॥
    (मैं ही गति (परिणाम) हूँ, भर्ता (भरण पोषण करने वाला) हूँ, प्रभु (स्वामी) हूँ, साक्षी हूँ, निवास स्थान हूँ, शरण देने

    वाला हूँ और सुहृद (मित्र अथवा भला चाहने वाला) हूँ। मैं ही उत्पत्ति हूँ, प्रलय हूँ, आधार (स्थान) हूँ, कोष हूँ। मैं ही

    विकारहीन अव्यय बीज हूँ।) श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता, नौंवा अध्याय Wikipedia on Maya

    Om Tapah: The Child
    1.      Impact of Genes/DNA
    ·        Impact of father’s genes (Autosomes, X and Y Chromosomes).
    ·        Impact of Mother’s genes (Autosomes, X chromosomes, Mitochondrial chromosomes)
    ·        The impact of lineage/social biology
    2.      Impact of Environment and Activities (prior, during and after copulation)
    ·        The impact of gravitational forces of different Astronomical object and cosmic energies (Graha, Nakshatra, etc.). Astrological compatibility.
    ·        The Impact of Food (Nutrition-balanced or deficient, Satwik/ Rajshi/ Tamsik). Food can be aphrodisiac and anaphrodisiac. Some gynecologists also claims that the food habits of parents has impact on the sex of the child.
    ·        The Impact of Health
    (1)   Heritable/non heritable diseases and deformities.
    (2)   The process of Mitosis and Meiosis.
    (3)   The Health and Concentration of the sperms.
    (4)   The Health of the Ovum
    (5)   The normality in functioning of copulatory organs, Uterus, Pelvic girdle and Breast.
    (6)   The age factor and Maturity of the parents.
    (7)   The blood compatibility.
    (8)   The Impact of Mental/Psychological Health
    (a) The attitude towards the process of child production.
    (b) Consciousness of the parents about themselves (Strengths and Weaknesses)
    (c) Objective of Copulation: Child production (Dhramaj) or Sexual pleasure (Child byproduct) (Kamaj)?
    (d)  Degree of Activeness, laziness, Consciousness and unconsciousness, under addictions, etc.
    (e)  The behavior during copulation (Assertiveness Vs. Aggressiveness)
    (f)   The sense of sexual satisfaction
    (g)  The sense of hygiene/cleanliness.
    (h)  The Pride / Vanity / Ego / optimism / pessimism / positivity / negativity / frustrations / Restlessness / excitements / forgiveness of the parents.
    (i)   The faith in God/divine energy.
    (j)   The gratitude of the parents towards God for giving the ability of copulation and the resulting pleasure out of it.
    (k)   Desire and Prayers for getting the good child. (Healthiest Sperm to fuse with the healthiest ovum.)
    (l)      The gratitude and respect of both the partners towards each other for fulfilling and mutually “satisfying” each other.
    (m)  The gratitude towards the forefathers and the activities done for their welfare, gratitude towards the guardians/elders and Gurus.
    (n)    Prayers for good “Energy” to enter the body forming in the womb.
    (o)   Feelings of the parents, especially the mother during the pregnancy. Diet of the mother during the pregnancy. 
    (p)   Teaching activities of the parents, especially mother during the pregnancy.
    (q)   Pain/suffering of the mother during delivery and the gratitude towards the divine energy for the successful child birth.
    (r)   Feeding of colostrum and then the mother's milk to the baby.
    (s)  Immunizations/vaccinations given to the child.
    ·        Net of the good and bad deeds, net of what the parents have given to others and what they have taken from others.
    ·        Blessings of the Guardians/elders and Guru.
    ·        Charitable activities of the parents.
    ·        The impact of Time
    (1)   Time of copulation
    (2)   Time of child birth
    ·        The impact of Place.
    (1)   Place of copulation.
    (2)   Place of child birth.
    (3)   Climate of the place has impact on the sexual health.
    (4)   Place has impact on the fate of a person. The energy that exists on that place.
    ·        Teaching activities of the parents, especially mother.
    ·        Grooming/Schooling/Nurturing/Environment provided to the child.
    ·        The ability of parents/society/school to analyze and understand the niche opportunities/special talents possessed by the child and nurturing it.
    ·        Government/administration/social structure to protect the women and the child.
    ·        Government’s role in Population control.
    ·        Socialization: Social taboos, communication between the male and females at different age groups, permissions and restrictions for the relationship between male and female. The “Lakshman Rekhas”.
    ·        The education of the parents. Possession of knowledge capital!
    ·        The financial conditions of both the parents, and the resources available with them/is in their control, the ability to meet different physical and material needs. The nutrition provided to the child.
    ·        The impact of language (Mantra, Sound)
    ·        The competitions, corruptions and struggles in the society.
    ·        Preferences towards “Inbreeding” or “out breeding”.
    ·        The pollutions (carcinogens, oxidants, harmful radiations etc.) in the environment.
    ·         The different relationships in the family and of the parents of the child.
    ·        The world beyond the world and the Rebirth.
    (1)   There is World beyond this material world. The world of spirits/ghosts/souls/ “jeev atama”
    (2)   The “jeev atma”/soul/spirit after death, based on the net balance of its Karma, is either “forced”/ “directed” to take another form of life (inferior/superior) or with its balance of “positive – negative energy” can continue to remain in the “conscious” form and put bad and good impact on the other forms of bodily life.
    (3)   There would also be some form of competitions between the "jeev atmas" to get into the “good” /lucky womb. Which spirit will get into which womb, will be greatly decided by the present and previous births karma of the parents and the karma of the spirit.  
    (4)   The balance of the good and bad deeds of the previous births continues to have impact on the fate of the child and his/her behaviors (mainly childhood)

    The moral objective behind producing child is to transfer our parental debts to our child.(Pitra Rin)
    The pleasure associated with copulation is the “motivation” given by the Nature/ “Kamdev” to reproduce/breed.
    When the primary objective of copulation is to get “sexual pleasure”, and the “child” resulted from it is the “by-product”, the child will have the life of a common man (good-bad-worst).
    But when the sexual intercourse (conscious, prudent, disciplined) is treated as a Yagya, the child resulted out of it will have high degree of nobleness.

    The Good Child
    1)      Is the biggest wealth and achievement of his/her parents.
    2)      Is able to meet the hopes and aspirations of the parents.
    3)      Is able to serve their parents.
    4)      Is able to meet the hopes and aspirations of the society, country and humanity.
    5)      Is able to create a bench mark.
    6)      Is able to produce another good child.
    7)      Is Healthy, intelligent, assertive, with good memory and concentration.
    8)      Has good emotional intelligence.
    9)      Has insight and intuition.
    10)  Has good ability of presentation.
    11)  Has pleasing personality.
    12)  Is prudent, grateful and merciful, with ego under control.
    13)  Is with least imperfections.
    14)  Is fortunate and successful.
    15)  Is like leader with ability to uplift others.
    16)  He/she takes care of the nature and environment.
    17)  He/she appreciates the talents of others.
    18)  He/She likes cleanliness and is neat and clean.
    19)  Is dutiful and without laziness and other wasteful habits.
    20)  Has good self determination and control over the situation.
    21)  His/Her mind will be able to get (milk) the required knowledge/wisdom from the  knowledge capital prevailing in the cosmos. His mental energy and intuition will be high.

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    Emotional Blackmails in India

    1. Emails/SMS coming to you, in praise of a lord, or a help message, etc. and tells you that if you (don’t) forward this Email/SMS to … numbers of people/friends, you will get lots of fortunes (misfortunes).
    2. Similarly sometimes you will get a pamphlet, mostly in praise of some god, and asking you to print it in …numbers and than distribute it. If you (don’t) do so, you will get lots of fortunes (misfortunes).
    3. When you are from say a “Hindi” speaking belt in a non Hindi speaking state, say Andhra Pradesh/Tamilnadu, etc. In bus stand, you will find a man with his wife and child. They will say you that, they are from “some” “Hindi” speaking state. They came for a visit to a temple.  They have lost (become victim of theft) their money/packing on the way, and will request you to help them by giving some money (something in hundreds!). I found one such “family” on Hyderabad bus stand, some other day; I found the same family near the Care Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and one day also in Hosur bus stand, Tamilnadu.  
    4. A person with a vehicle (motorized/bullock cart) with a picture of some Guru, will request you to visit the shrine of the Guru and will tell you something about your present days, your personality, ask you some money to offer, naturally/most often you will try to settle by offering something “less” (say between “Rs.5 to 50”). He will return you that money and will ask you to “preserve” it (not to invest) as a gift from the “Guru”, and will ask you “some hundreds/thousands” of money, say for the community feast. He will even ask you, how much money you have in the “purse”? If you fail to give him what he desires, he will “curse you” or “signal you” a curse.
    5. If you are Single and in the struggling phase of your life, some may even ask you to marry someone to gain a good luck.
    6. While you are walking on the road, a person will come to you, say that he is employee of some nearby office/organisation and have missed his purse in the office. He will ask some money say (20-200) to go to his house. To win your trust he will even persuade you to keep his watch, mobile phone, etc. If you are a “good” man, naturally you will not take those things and give him some money say Rs.20-50. But soon you will be surprised to find a bike coming and lifting away that person!
    7. In some school/colleges, some “teacher”/ “professor” develops habit of asking money from the students, and the student in hope of getting good marks/respect/desire to get favor will have to give the asked money, but most often will not have the courage to ask it back.
    8. Some people with “wasteful habits” develop habit of asking money from others. Many times they will go to the friend/well wisher of some “relative” and ask money saying that the “relative” is sick/hospitalized, etc., guardians are not there, he urgently needs some money etc.
    9. …………………………………………………………

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Why someone becomes Individualist?

    1. When a person likes to be known by his/her own personality, works, etc. and not by the efforts of his/her parents/relatives/community etc (Serious about his/her own Identity). 
    2. When his/her goal is different from the goal of his/her elder/younger siblings and the “guardians”.
    3. When he/she is not comfortable with some of the “traditional values” of the family.
    4. When he/she loves the “Person” (Other Half) more than the “Property” and can even compromise with the “Property” for the “Personality”.
    5. When he/she strongly feels that it is their personal right to select his/her “Other Half”.
    6. When he/she is not the elder most child, but feels himself/herself superior then his/her elder sibling and feels that the traditional family values demands him/her to “compromise” with his/her rights to match that of the elder sibling.
    7. When he/she has “over faith” in some of his/her values and the ability.
    8. When he/she has inclination towards the “beauty” and other “good things” of life.
    9. When he/she has some degree of “perfectionism” in him/her.
    10. If he/she has “jealousy” in the Nature.
    11. When he/she feels to be “special” (but not acknowledged/recognized/ accredited).
    12. When he/she over emphasizes the discovery of “Niche opportunities” associated with his/her personality, and he/she strongly wants to discover his/her “Nature” and “Inclinations” and nurture it.
    13. When he/she likes to worship his “God” in different way or mixed way (not minding even offering his/ her sexual desires to the “God”.
    14. When many “opposite sexed” likes to marry him/her but he/she is not able to get closer to the person whom he/she likes to marry.
    15. When he/she is egoistic.
    16. It is not an easy thing to become an Individualist. You need to have luck (“Support of the dominant stars in your Kundili”) +/money +/special talents+/favorable laws of the land.)
    Wikipedia on Individualism 
    Guide to marriage decisions for the Individualists 

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    The Private Job and the Job gap

    Intelligent people don’t get into the Job gap/or they just don’t wait to get into the Job gap!

    Job gap may not be good for the employee but is good for the employer and the economy, as the unsuitable Human resource is weeded out. Employee will have to maintain the decorum of the job, or get terminated!
    Too much job gap may increase your detachment, or make you a parasite, but it may also increase the chances of your becoming unemployable.
    Sometimes it is better to remove the unproductive employees ("Parasites"), as he/she may generate/promote negative thoughts in the mind of other employees and de-motivate the productive employees, causing considerable loss to the organisation.
    Always the employees cannot be proactive, they need motivation, goal orientation, empathy and sympathy from their Employer/HRM.

    What Job gap gives?
    1. Sleepless nights
    2. Anxiety
    3. Worries and Uncertainty
    4. Loss of money from your savings/ Fear of becoming Pauper. 
    5. If you have debts like education loan, than you will not be able to pay the EMI (equal monthly installment) and interest will go on increasing. 
    6. If you are Single, with very less cash liquidity, and an uncompromising, Individualist, then you will not find your Other Half. 
    7. It may leave you into situation where you become “Covert”.
    8. May make you absent minded and a day dreamer. 
    9. It will give the employer from small and medium industry, an opportunity to hire you at a salary less than what your qualification deserves. 
    10. You will start remembering and contacting your old friends and seeking help from them. 
    11. Your ego may start having an abnormal growth. 
    12. You may land into the vicious cycle of Probation period and poor experience. (Vicious cycles)
    13. If you are internally strong, optimist with faith in God and self, then you will become more religious, philosophical, customer to Human Resource/ Career Consultants and/or religious “Gurus” and /or astrologers, etc. 
    14. If you are not internally strong and optimist with faith on God, than you may become a prodigal child of your parents / Social parasite /addict to intoxicants (tobacco products/alcohol/drugs/Opium/Marijuana, etc.) / Criminal/Naxalite/Terrorist/part of the sex industry/ etc. 
    15. Rarely, but opportunity to get better job.
    16. If you had been working far from your house and had not visited your house for very long time, than an opportunity to visit your house! 
    Managing Job Gap 
    1. Sales ≡ Survival. Strive to increase the Sales and the Profit of your organisation, and also try to get the credit for higher sales/profit on your name. Keep this as your prioritized goal and forget all your personal goals. 
    2. Motivate/encourage your coworkers/subordinates bringing money to the organisation by increasing the Sales/Profit.  (To increase sales, no much higher degree is required. Pleasing personality, ability to convince, optimism, knowledge of the language of the client/customer, etc. is enough)
    3. Plan your finances and savings in such way that even if tomorrow you are asked to resign, you may sustain yourself and your dependents till finding of new job and getting the salary.
    4. Don’t be averse to competition.  Competition is the rule of life, as the life starts with the competition between the sperms. Even the saints and beggars have to compete with their peer ones.
    5. Never criticize your boss and the organization in which you are working.
    6. Never try to show yourself smarter than your seniors. 
    7. Never argue with your boss and cross question them.
    8. If you feel uncomfortable, keep quiet and try for silent search of another job and then quietly resign. 
    9. Avoid being too much open and transparent.
    10. Keep on trying for Government job. (There the parasitism is quiet tolerated! If you are not doing work as expected by your higher officer, you may be scolded/ not given promotion/suspended in extreme case; but you will not be terminated! ).
    11. Digest the fact, the boss is always right.
    12. Don’t teach thriftiness to your boss/senior. 
    13. Be a blind follower of your boss.
    14. Don’t think about the cost the organization will have to bear at attrition, but think about the cost that you will have to bear on getting into the job gap.
    15. Unlike US, in India there is no “Jobless claim Benefits”. There will be hardly anyone even to help you.
    16. Your good contacts at the period of good time may help you.
    17. Never show that you are idle. Even when no proper work is being assigned to you, try to show that you are involved in some important work and you are important for the company/organization.
    18. Never nurture your ego.
    19. Try to digest few facts.
    20. Never try to come very close to your Human Resource Manager. Even if you feel to be idle in your organization, never go and tell your HR about that.
    21. Never use your office resources for your personal interests and hobbies. E.g. using office computer for blogging, chatting with friends, personal emails, etc.
    22. Similarly never use your office communication system to talk to your relatives, friends.
    23. Never comment about anyone or give judgment about anyone. (Habit of loose commenting is very dangerous)
    24. Never forget your status in the organization. 
    25. Even when you are suffering from monotony, drudgery, or no job satisfaction, never express that to anyone. Never express your frustrations to your co-workers.
    26. Beware of the organizational politics. 
    27. If you develop fear that the boat in which you are traveling along with your co-workers has a hole in it, you need smartness in managing your fear. Your fear, when known by others, can magnify the fear of the investors of your company, which can cause havoc. So never air-out your fears about loss, failure, etc. with your juniors, subordinates and/or superiors. 
    28. Be cautious when there is overstaffing, and no work is being allotted to you. 
    29. Don't forget to switch off or keep your mobile phone in Silent mode while attending a meeting/seminar/conference, etc.
    30. Never attend a personal call, when your Boss is near you or talking to you.
    31. Stand up from your seat when your boss + /senior employee + /customer comes near you to communicate or see your work. 
    32. Don't forget to close your personal files from the computer, when your boss/senior employee comes near to you.
    33. While attending any exhibition cum sale, if you happen to quote wrong price for any of your product, don't give over value to your word and stick to it, but say sorry and give the right quotation. 
    34. Never interfere, especially when your boss is saying something to a client and you have felt that he/she has given wrong statement, and you pin-pointing his/her mistake, trying to correct him/her!, not even when your boss is too close or friendly to you. 
    35. Don't try to be a perfectionist! 
    36. At the time of your recruitment, If the employer does not take any of your original certificates, be sure that they will not mind even if you resign the next day of joining! In this case you should keep on trying for a better job. 
    37. Beware, in some interviews, there can be some members from interview panel, acting as your competitor. 
    38.  If they keep some of your original certificates, then be sure that they do not want you to loose immediately. 
    39. The employer happy in recruiting you, will arrange at the organization’s expense, accommodation and food facility for you and will even pay you the cost which you have borne in coming to the site of interview. 
    40. Analyze your "Nature", preferably in the early stage itself and explore the opportunities most suited to your "Nature".  

    Increasing the Employability (Apart from Educational qualifications and knowledge of different languages):
    1. Having house in the city/town or the places where job opportunities are more.
    2. Getting married! Most of the Job prefers married men/women than the single ones.
    3. Having Passport and Visa, Voter Identity Card, Permanent account Number (PAN), Demat account, Driving Licence (Two wheeler and four wheeler), National and International ATM card, Internet Banking, Multi city Cheque book, Unique Identity Number (recently launched), shares of the company in which you like to work, etc.
    4. Having  Mobile phone (multi SIM+/Long battery life+/Internet access+/GPS+/etc.), Motor bike (outdoor/field work and travelling jobs) (Car for high profile job) and/or Laptop/Net book (managerial job)

    Some of the techniques (De-motivation practices)  to remove from the job/force to transfer :
    Many company/organisation do give hint or warnings along with the chances to improve, before firing someone.
    Before straightforwardly asking to resign, most of the employers/HRMs, create situation when the employees may themselves resign from the job. Some of these are:
    1. Allotting no work/ not properly defining the work
    2. Abusing / Criticizing before the peer group, subordinates, etc.
    3. Providing designation lower than some of the less qualified employees
    4. Allotting work on Holidays, giving no proper leave, no benefits/appraisal for working on holidays, etc. 
    5. Calling the female employee at somewhat lonely place, house (of the employer), etc. 
    6. By making the female employee to stay in office till late evening/night beyond the office hours, by keeping on allotting some work. 
    7. Harping about less-profit/loss, and not giving salary/wage or delaying in giving salary/wage. 
    8. Neglecting, not replying to the issues raised by you, etc.
    9. Creating situations of competition between the fellow employees.
    10. Making you to travel different places without giving you the expenses in advance and than creating delay in clearing the Travel Allowance/Dearness Allowance/ expense bills. 
    11. Your immediate superior will ask you, have you got the salary for the month in your account? Many senior staffs have not got the salary! The company is in loss. Prepare for another job. Or will create similar environment to make you feel job insecurity.
    Finally terminating
    1. The employer will ask you to search another job for the time being, and that they can rejoin later, when the organisation passes out from the “difficult” times. 
    2. Asking you to submit the facilities provided by the organisation along with the resignation letter.
    3. Asking you to leave for your house and stay there unless, the organisation recalls him/her.
    4. Transferring you under the “new boss” in a new office (near to your house), who does not like to consider you his employee. 
    What employees need ?
    1. Salary/Wage for livelihood sustenance.
    2. Work close to the house and/or,
    3. Work close to the family members and/or friends.
    4. Availability of affordable accommodation
    5. Being considered important for the organisation, and love and respect from the co-workers.
    6. Justified salary/wage with increments to maintain the position, inflation, etc. 
    7. Clear job definition, goal orientation and motivations.
    8. Job/Livelihood security, no fear of job gap, even when job gap is there, emotional and financial support from the employees and hope of getting at least at par job in another organisation. 
    9. Security to life and health, insurance for life and health-both personal and for near and dear ones/family. 
    10. Availability of food to which you are habituated (e.g. Vegetarians will not enjoy working in the places where mostly non-vegetarian foods are available) and the products which you are in habit of consuming.
    11. Availability of other infrastructure: Road, affordable Transport maintaining Time and providing convenience in terms of seating arrangement. 
    12. Computer with Internet facility, Mobile phones with proper signal, etc.
    13. (Some Tamasic needs of many employees are: Tobacco for chewing / Bidi / Cigarette / Gutakha /Alcohol / Meat products etc.)
    14. Opportunity of getting better job at later stage.
    15. Empathy/sympathy from the Management.
    16. Better growth and development prospect for your children. 
    Getting New Job!
    When you have got it as a seeker/on mercy at job gap, etc. (You have not been snatched from your current organisation.)

    When you are lured or snatched from your current organisation.
    When you are a job seeker, with very less cash liquidity and high liability, you will not have much bargaining power, and your importance for the organisation will depend on the situation, vacancy etc.

    The old/existing employees of your new organisation may feel jealous and/or insecure.

    You may want higher salary and position but management will not like to create jealousy situation for its old/existing employee.

    Old/existing employees may even try to pull you down or see a competitor in you.

    You may find difficulty in taking decision, when a new job offer comes from the company  which had earlier not paid attention to you, but now when you have been supported by another company (though not at the expected salary).

    Though it may be controversial from the view point of ethics, you will have options and thus bargaining power. Here you will be important for the organisation, which wants to snatch you.

    But beware; there may also be a ploy to destabilize your career or the organisation in which you were working.

    Unethical ethics/Paradoxical ethics

    1. Why an employee though frustrated in the current job, does not want to leave it?
    • Loyalty?
    • You somehow want to complete your probation period and earn some job experience. (It may be that, you would not have been able to continuously complete even a year in an organisation!)
    • If you have promised or signed a bond, that you will not leave by yourself.
    • If you are scrupulous and gratefully ‘indebted’ to your current boss for giving you the job in difficult times.
    • You may not be confident of getting another good job.
    1. Actions of a frustrated employee: 
    • Writing blogs on the office computer or personal computer with mostly complaining/revolting/negative thoughts.
    • Posts resume on different job sites
    • Talks negative about the company with the co-workers or with the near dear ones.
    • Does not meet the target and gives several excuses.
    • Prepares for the possible job gap.  
    1. When you do not shift to another organisation, but remains frustrated /dissatisfied with your current job and expresses your frustration by cursing your fate, situation, etc., you will practice an Unethical Ethics or Paradoxical Ethics.
    Government Job Vs. Private Job