Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leaving Your Country

15 to 21, August 2010

Sometimes it is better to migrate from your country, than to stay their frustrated and/or create problems for others. 
Every one loves his/her country, and does not want to leave it. Even when forced to leave, continues to remember and love it (Exception to this is the follower of some strange religion, which teaches to love the religion and its follower more than the Mother land!)

Patriotism and Prosperity

The meaning of Patriotism can change with time. Now the society is moving towards Individualism. People are getting more focused on their personal “Net Worth”. The increasing habit of smoking in the elite group shows the stress of meeting the targets. The habit of asking “What is your Salary?” is getting more common.
At present, most often the “Netas” and their “Babus”, first think of their personal benefits than the benefit of the people whom they represent. The people qualifying the “tough competitions” for the welfare of the common citizens are bound to consider themselves superior than the people for whom they have been appointed. They justifyingly enjoy all the benefits out of the public money.
Everyone should strive for their ethical prosperity. We owe to our society and Motherland and without clearing its debt, we will never be able to stay in peace.    

Time to leave?

  1. When you are unable to get better job/livelihood in your country, and you get a better job in the foreign country (more income, better facilities, recognition, insurance, security, etc.)
  2. When you feel better business opportunity in the foreign country.
  3. When you do not have hope in the Recruitment Methods of your State/Central Government, that it will be able to identify/recognize your special talents/strengths and make use of it for the welfare of the country.  
  4. When your State and/or Central government ignores your problems.
  5. When you feel marginalized in your country, and are discriminated in the name of your caste and religion.
  6. When you are a so called “Minority” and unable to adjust with the so called “Majority”
  7. When you are unhappy with the policies of your government.
  8. When your government for the sake of “Marginal Vote Benefits”, over-appeases the Religious Minorities.
  9. When your government adopts all means, including the recent technologies, to “Tax” you, but makes no effort in taking your Vote and/or creating a voting convenience for you, especially when you are the Migrating /Roaming citizen.(Migrating Citizens of India)
  10. When the facilities and transparency provided by your government is poor compared to the Tax/fees provided by you.
  11. When you are unable to nurture your ego in your state/country.
  12. When the Human Resource policies of your government especially in relation to the cost of higher education and the time required for the completion of the academic courses is not up to your satisfaction and when you are unable to study the courses of your choice.
  13. When you are a child of a celebrity/politician and you want some special education, so that you remain different from the Common citizens of India.(Common man in India)
  14. When the cost of decent living in your country is more than your income.
  15. When the “Netas” and their “Babus”, takes the major share of the economic growth, compared to that given to the common citizens.
  16. When the “Netas” and their “Babus”, avoids using those government services, which they provide to their General Public.
  17. When the government likes in “Complicating” different procedures rather than “Simplifying” them.   
  18. When you are unable to find matrimonial match of your choice in your country, or when you are being forced to marry someone, much against your wish, or when you have got better relationship opportunity in the foreign country.  
  19. When you do not like some or many of the “Laws of the land”.
  20. When the risk to health and life increases in your country. 
  21. When you like to get better medical facility.
  22. When the crime rate is very high in your country and the Government and its staffs are indulged in corruptions.
  23. When you are not satisfied with your constitutional rights and the fundamental duties.
  24. When you feel to have been cheated by some of the government institutions.
  25. When you don’t own property in your country.
  26. When you don’t like your local community.
  27. When decentralization of infrastructure development is not their and some parts of the country is ignored by the government and the entrepreneurs.
  28. When you feel that there is better economic growth and governance in another country.
  29. When you are a laggard (in respect to income and status) compared to your peer age group and or classmates and want to try fortune in another country.
  30. Escapism: When you have lots of debts and Liabilities to clear. When you have done a crime/sin by which you have lost your reputation in the society. 

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