Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Economic sense

On 27 February 2011 (Sunday), went to a temple in Hosur, without “donatable amount” to pray some Mantra/Sloka/Stotram for a better fortune. While I was going out, a person called me and asked to give some money say Rs.25 and above, for which I said that I will like to give him or the temple later as I don’t have change.

This felt me to ponder – The temple and the priests too need money, which the “devotees” must give.

“Donations” is for the intellectuals, people associated with “Religion and Philosophy”, and Non Profit Organizations-all those associated with “Brahma and Saraswati”. “Donations” are as per our ability and willingness. “Hope for good fortune”, “Emotional blackmails”, “Blessings and Curse” acts as a compelling force.

“Tax” is for the administrator (elected, nominated, self nominated), who “fuels and runs” the different socio economic activities (positive and negative). Hope of administrative support, recognitions, fear of criminal and legal charges, social security, etc., acts as a compelling force.

“Salary and wage” is for the people who are supporting an economic system, designed by entrepreneurs. The desire of “continuity”, the power of vote, support and threat from the human resources, motivations and demotivations, etc., acts as the compelling force.

“Service Charge Margins/Commissions and Profit are for the people who are in Business and Trade. Fulfillment of different material needs, providing convenience and support, meeting of the demands; backed by purchasing power and disposable income acts as the compelling force.

“Interest” is for the time and situation based monetary/cash/credit service providers.

For a happy and complete life, Donations, Tax, Salary and wage, Margins and Commissions, Interests along with the Principal installment should be happily paid. 

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