Friday, October 29, 2010

Emotional Blackmails in India

  1. Emails/SMS coming to you, in praise of a lord, or a help message, etc. and tells you that if you (don’t) forward this Email/SMS to … numbers of people/friends, you will get lots of fortunes (misfortunes).
  2. Similarly sometimes you will get a pamphlet, mostly in praise of some god, and asking you to print it in …numbers and than distribute it. If you (don’t) do so, you will get lots of fortunes (misfortunes).
  3. When you are from say a “Hindi” speaking belt in a non Hindi speaking state, say Andhra Pradesh/Tamilnadu, etc. In bus stand, you will find a man with his wife and child. They will say you that, they are from “some” “Hindi” speaking state. They came for a visit to a temple.  They have lost (become victim of theft) their money/packing on the way, and will request you to help them by giving some money (something in hundreds!). I found one such “family” on Hyderabad bus stand, some other day; I found the same family near the Care Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and one day also in Hosur bus stand, Tamilnadu.  
  4. A person with a vehicle (motorized/bullock cart) with a picture of some Guru, will request you to visit the shrine of the Guru and will tell you something about your present days, your personality, ask you some money to offer, naturally/most often you will try to settle by offering something “less” (say between “Rs.5 to 50”). He will return you that money and will ask you to “preserve” it (not to invest) as a gift from the “Guru”, and will ask you “some hundreds/thousands” of money, say for the community feast. He will even ask you, how much money you have in the “purse”? If you fail to give him what he desires, he will “curse you” or “signal you” a curse.
  5. If you are Single and in the struggling phase of your life, some may even ask you to marry someone to gain a good luck.
  6. While you are walking on the road, a person will come to you, say that he is employee of some nearby office/organisation and have missed his purse in the office. He will ask some money say (20-200) to go to his house. To win your trust he will even persuade you to keep his watch, mobile phone, etc. If you are a “good” man, naturally you will not take those things and give him some money say Rs.20-50. But soon you will be surprised to find a bike coming and lifting away that person!
  7. In some school/colleges, some “teacher”/ “professor” develops habit of asking money from the students, and the student in hope of getting good marks/respect/desire to get favor will have to give the asked money, but most often will not have the courage to ask it back.
  8. Some people with “wasteful habits” develop habit of asking money from others. Many times they will go to the friend/well wisher of some “relative” and ask money saying that the “relative” is sick/hospitalized, etc., guardians are not there, he urgently needs some money etc.
  9. …………………………………………………………

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