Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why someone becomes Individualist?

  1. When a person likes to be known by his/her own personality, works, etc. and not by the efforts of his/her parents/relatives/community etc (Serious about his/her own Identity). 
  2. When his/her goal is different from the goal of his/her elder/younger siblings and the “guardians”.
  3. When he/she is not comfortable with some of the “traditional values” of the family.
  4. When he/she loves the “Person” (Other Half) more than the “Property” and can even compromise with the “Property” for the “Personality”.
  5. When he/she strongly feels that it is their personal right to select his/her “Other Half”.
  6. When he/she is not the elder most child, but feels himself/herself superior then his/her elder sibling and feels that the traditional family values demands him/her to “compromise” with his/her rights to match that of the elder sibling.
  7. When he/she has “over faith” in some of his/her values and the ability.
  8. When he/she has inclination towards the “beauty” and other “good things” of life.
  9. When he/she has some degree of “perfectionism” in him/her.
  10. If he/she has “jealousy” in the Nature.
  11. When he/she feels to be “special” (but not acknowledged/recognized/ accredited).
  12. When he/she over emphasizes the discovery of “Niche opportunities” associated with his/her personality, and he/she strongly wants to discover his/her “Nature” and “Inclinations” and nurture it.
  13. When he/she likes to worship his “God” in different way or mixed way (not minding even offering his/ her sexual desires to the “God”.
  14. When many “opposite sexed” likes to marry him/her but he/she is not able to get closer to the person whom he/she likes to marry.
  15. When he/she is egoistic.
  16. It is not an easy thing to become an Individualist. You need to have luck (“Support of the dominant stars in your Kundili”) +/money +/special talents+/favorable laws of the land.)
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