Thursday, December 30, 2010

Property (Land, House, Factory etc.)

  1. The major portion of the salary of the “High salaried” person goes into the property, and other tangible assets.
  2. Property like good house will help you to get “good”+/“attractive” bride(s)/bridegroom(s) or/and “girlfriends” +/ “boyfriends”. It may increase the chances/risk of exogamy, but the progeny resulted out of it may not have that much emotional attachment to the ancestral property.
  3. It promotes marriage between the cousins and other forms of endogamy. Attachment to property often prevents to take the advantage of exogamy and other cross breeding.
  4. It makes to think of having more children.
  5. Property creates differences/conflicts/separation between the siblings, parents and other relatives, particularly when the dependence of children and grand children on parental property is more.
  6. Property creates many forms of ego and war.
  7. Few people can leave property to get a like minded friend/partner from other community. They value some special Human resource more important than the property.
  8. Individualists may not have that much attachment/affinity to the parental property. 
  9. Some people can align even with the unlike minded people for property. They value Property more important than the Human resource or ethics.
  10. Property motivates the people to maintain it and make it to grow/expand.
  11. Property helps the people to enjoy the Benefits of being in existence.
  12. Protection and Maintenance of property may prevents many people from enjoying the experience of travel and tourism.
  13. Investments in Property, most often creates Cash crunch to even the high profile rich people.
  14. Rising cost of Property, inflates the economy, and promotes materialism.
  15. Rising cost of Property de motivates many entrepreneurs in starting new businesses.
  16. Legal provisions like “Reverse Mortgage” helps the old people, not getting benefit from grown up children, to meet their liquidity requirements.
  17. Property and Power are closely related and all powerful people like to have more property.
  18. Property promotes many criminal activities like land grabbing. Many high profile and "respectful" personality may get corrupted in greed for the property. 
  19. Property may not be an issue for some of the migrating citizens/Banjaras/Gujjars. They mainly depend on the rent/leased form of property. 
  20. Property prevents to take advantages of opportunities in other countries and different forms of governances. 
  21. Property and Prodigal child is quiet often closely related, but many noble people do born in the house of the person having quiet large property.
  22. Property may not be easily liquidated. Under situations of very high cash requirements, it may be unwillingly sold at an "undervalued" price.
  23. Property promotes culture and business activities. 
  24. Property promotes Prosperity.
  25. Too much attachment to property may make a person "ghost" after his/her death. Attachment to property may also make to get rebirth in the same family, or difficulty in getting Moksha. 
  26. Many people dependent on religion for their livelihood, may like and make wish to their "client" for donating some property to them. Here quiet good amount of emotional blackmails are used.
  27. It can be partially/slowly/perpetually liquidated through different economic activities (e.g. Agriculture, Hotel, Rent/Lease, Paying Guest,Dharamshala, Production process, etc. The value of return from liquidation depends on the place (other property/location, concentration of resources, level of urbanization) and time (situation).
  28. The Indian Legal system are most often engaged by the property related cases. 
  29. Property gives employment to many people. In the present digital era, many softwares and devices like Geographical Information System, Geographical Positioning System, Satellite imagery, etc. are being used to mange the property. Government should use the new technologies to make digital records of all land and property documents, so that all the transactions/dealings related to property are ethical and transparent. 
  30. If the owner of the property does not utilizes it/consummates it, the Property will have tendency to "leave" and become someone's else. 
|| पुत्र कुपुत्र तु कि धन अरजे, पुत्र सुपुत्र तु कि धन अरजे || गीता प्रेस, गोरखपुर 
When the Child is of bad character, what is the use of accumulating the wealth? If the Child is of good  character than also what is the need of the wealth accumulation? Gita Press, Gorakhpur.

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    1. Namaste my dear brother Prit. I have enjoyed the way you have exposed the true character of property. Property is a very good example as it represents the epitome of wealth creation.

      The EgoSelf sees wealth as the paradigm of self worth. With the creation of a global class system we find that the greatest bulk of humanity remains bereft of wealth. By extension this group of peoples see themselves personally as worthless.

      The Lord Krishna urges Arjuna to remember the physical world is illusion. Death, power and wealth truly have no substance when compared to unity and unconditional love.

      Let us learn from our infant children. A newborn child cries out in the night, he is not crying for money or material wealth, he is crying for love. Without the programming of society to interfere with his true essence he understands unequivocally the reason for his being is to give and receive love.

      The child is taught of a world of have and have not, rich and poor, educated and dense. These fundamental lies and hypocrisies learned by the child create a manufactured desire for wealth. The child becomes a man who then has little regard for anything which does not support his egoic desire for physical riches.

      Lost in the structures of global society is the desire for love. We seem to have lost the definition of love. Most people choose to allot their love with condition. Core family members come first, then friends, finally little consideration is given to the unknown masses.

      When we finally dispel the illusion of separation we will come to see all brethren deserving of the same unconditional love we give our children. However it is only by releasing this tenacious grip on the material can we understand that unconditional love is all that is real. True wealth is measured by the percent of reality one can define as self. True wealth becomes a measure of ones capacity to love.

      In conclusion the only true course of action is in giving away ones wealth. We become wealthy by giving love to others.

      In Lak' esh, my dearest brother, I gift to you the property of love without condition...