Friday, May 14, 2010

Importance of Chinese Economy

1. The low cost Chinese mobile phones made even the poorest Indian to enjoy the benefits of the phone.

2. Chinese manufacturers understand the needs of the Indian consumer in a better way. The four SIM and dual SIM Chinese mobile phones allow the Indians to cut their Roaming costs and simultaneously enjoy the service of more mobile networks.

3. Chinese mobile phones are also coming with the facility to see Television programs.

4. The cheaper laptops and other computer hardware produced by the Chinese have helped the middle class Indians to own the Computers and Laptops.

5. The Chinese Radios have very low cost and more applications. It has helped in better penetration and utilization of the Radio networks in the country.

6. The poor Indian children can get the Chinese toys at very low cost.

7. The Chinese Solar Lanterns and Cycles are also helping the Indians to cut their Energy costs.

8. The Chinese have positively revolutionized the Bamboo Industry.

9. Many Indians and Nepalese earn their livelihood by selling the Chinese products at fairly good margin and at the satisfaction of the Customers.

10. The Chinese have better penetration in the affairs of the South Asian counties and can influence the policies of these countries to its own benefits.

11. Chinese are better traders (High Volume Low Cost) and good competitors in the International Trade.

12. China keeps on embarrassing the Indian policy makers, and sometimes also gives pleasant surprises to them.

13. China has an important role in promoting the Internal and External threats of India.

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