Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Vicious Cycles

  1. The results of having debts/liabilities beyond the capacity to repay.
  2. The result of forceful and unmatched marriages.
  3. The Poor genetic attributes.
  4. The result of untimely/ imprudent / harsh speaking /writing/communication 
  5. Heritable Diseases
  6. Addiction to intoxicants (Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco products, Opium, Marijuana, etc.).
  7. Results of Rape/Molestation and other crimes towards the females and children.
  8. Results of Murder
  9. Results of other forms of Violence and Crimes.
  10. The Poverty. (The Poverty and Misery are expert in breeding themselves!)
  11. The results of Criminals becoming the law makers.
  12. The weak and idle government.
  13. Unemployment and the results of getting into the unsuitable jobs.
  14. The results of not getting proper education and employment at proper stage of life.
  15. The results of not getting suitable life partner at the proper stage of the life.
  16. The results of reproducing a child with poor character and/or poor Health and/or poor intelligence.
  17. The results of not getting the parental love and care.
  18. The increasing gap between the Rich and the Poor; Successful and the Failures; Educated and the Uneducated.
  19. The poor judicial system.
  20. The result of disturbing the ecological balance and biodiversity. 
  21. The result of neglecting the environmental issues.
  22. The results of fanaticism, mass madness and maniacism
  23. The result of not having proper investment at proper time.
  24. The result of some of the lies and communication gaps. 
  25. The result of undisciplined sexual relationships (multi relation, polygamy, etc.) or no ethical sexual relationship.
  26. The result of being unable to serve the parents/guardians, especially when they near their death (unable to become Suputra). 
  27. Being unable to get out of your probation period in the organisation, before being fired, and landing in another job-again in probation period!

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