Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I hate most in India

  1. Many Indians don’t have habit of sanitizing their hand (with soap) after using it for cleaning the buttock and nearby regions, after defecation. Most of the Indians are resistant to Euscherichia coli! 
  2. Don’t have the habit to sanitize their hand in general.
  3. Habit of using dirty/filthy words related to mother, sister and daughter during the communication.
  4. Not cutting and cleaning the nails of the fingers.
  5. Biting the nail, cleaning the teeth with nail and then smelling the finger.
  6. The caste and latest religion based reservation system in government jobs and education systems, then that based on the Socio economic factors.
  7. No proper policy for the “Migrating Citizen of India”, especially in relation to their voting rights. (My previous view on Migrating Citizen of India
  8. Many voters vote on the basis of symbols of the party, but donot know about the person for whom they are voting.
  9. No direct participation of people in selecting their President.
  10. Dipping hand and dirty glass or jugs in water containers to serve water. 
  11. Competitive exams: Many appearing for very few posts: People wasting their academic/ professional years and money in preparing for some prestigious competitive exams, just on hope but not strong in surety. 
  12. Eve teasing, Molestation, rape of females and minors.
  13. People associating sexual intercourse for fun and not associating responsibilities with it. Reproducing without having enough capability to nurture and take care of the child.
  14. Extravagant parties of rich, in which Alcohol, Meat and Smoke are served and erotic songs/videos are played and dances are performed.
  15. Putting sandals/shoes on seats of train, fans of train in fear that it will get thefted/misplaced.
  16. No tongue cleaning after brushing the teeth and not at all brushing the teeth.
  17. Selling of porn books in open market along with the text books and religious books. Similarly the selling up of the porn CDs/DVDs in the open market.
  18. Marketing of condoms/sex related products with porn pictures in open market and public places.
  19. Seeing the thrown (no proper disposal) used condoms at public places like bus stand, railway stations, parks, children’s playground, offices, etc. Similarly, no proper disposal of women’s sanitation’s used products.
  20. Habit of smoking at public places and chewing gutkha.
  21. Not cleaning the hands after using it for cleaning the nose.
  22. Lighting the bulbs during the day time, not switching off the Air Conditioner/Cooler, Fan etc. while leaving the room. Thefting of electricity.
  23. Many people without proper food supply, clothing and accommodation.
  24. Loosing the love towards animals and plants.
  25. People living in hype and hypocrisy, taking decisions to impress or demoralize others.
  26. The habit of washing hand in plate after eating.
  27. Washing dirty plates by dipping them in a container with limited and almost dirty water and then wiping them with a cloth (dirty in most cases!). Here the chances of eating dirt and filth are very common.       [It is important to teach and demonstrate people how to maintain health, hygiene and sanitation with limited quantity/supply of water. It is very difficult to get water at many places.]
  28. Sleeping on bed without removing the shoes.
  29.  The habit of asking ,"What is your salary?", then "What is your educational qualification?" and at some places, "What is your caste?"
  30. Many milkmen inject Oxytocin to their milch cow and buffalo before milking. They don’t bother about the suffering of the animal but bothers about the yield and profit. (In one programme of India TV, it was shown that the Oxytocin is even being injected in the fruits and vegetables to increase its size, but on the cost of the health of the consumers!)
  31. Drinking water by putting the brim of tumbler/glass in the mouth or putting the neck of water bottle inside the mouth. This restricts the other people from sharing the same glass or bottle. 
  32. Throwing of food in dustbin: Many people, especially those staying in upper portions of the flat, finds it convenient in throwing the remaining food material in the dustbin/wash basin than giving it to the hungry animals (dogs, cattle, cat, birds, squirrel, etc.) 
  33. Ministry of information technology is helpless in controlling the internet from being flooded with the porn and erotic contents (Videos, Audios, writings, expressions, icons, etc.)
  34. Ministry of communication and broadcasting is helpless in controlling the expression of erotic contents in the foreign TV channels like Fashion TV and promotion of smoking in some channels (I recently show a boy playing with cigarette in the AXN channel.) 
  35. Commoditization of females. Masked Advertisements of prostitution in name of Making Friends, Chatting and Massage parlour, etc. in the regional and national newspapers. Many Mobile service providers are also sending such advertisements and web links. 
  36. Many newspapers contain semi nude and erotic pictures of the so called “celebrities”. 
  37. Corruption from top to bottom in the government organizations. 
  38. Many people don’t know how to urinate! While urinating, the urine sprinkles on their legs/shoes and the pant. Many of them do not wash their hand after urinating. The urinals at the public paces and many offices are very dirty and stinking. There is very limited toilet facility for the women at the public places. 
  39. The first citizen of the country (President of India) gets good percentage of the shares of the Navratna companies, but the poor citizen of the country has many barriers to get the shares of the profitable companies. 
  40. The habit of spitting, especially after eating tobacco and chewing betel leaf at the public places, in the room, and at other unexpected places.
  41. There is no law and order at many remote and rural places of the country. 
  42. Many food vendors adds prohibited artificial/chemical colors to the food items (Ready to eat, ready to cook, etc.)
  43. Some people have the habit to seek debt by telling lie and creating moral pressure and enjoy lavishly with the owed money. 
  44. Compromising behavior and negligence of Censor Board of India, as many films which are released for the cinema hall and Indian television are full of indecent scenes, dialogues and scenes. For example the films like Omkara and Ganga Jal contains the plenty of filthy words. 
  45. Societies having more concrete buildings and cars than the Trees.
  46. Open violation of Animal rights and Wild life Acts: Selling of birds in the cage (e.g., Love birds, Parrot, etc.). The butcher killing the animals, one by one for meat and/or skin, near the fellow animals. The butcher and the meat eaters may not realize that the animals too have feelings and emotions, and they too can curse! But they will have to bear the impact of the negative thoughts/helplessness/pain of the animals being killed or standing in the row to be killed.

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