Friday, December 24, 2010

Stress/Trauma Management

Almost daily and mainly on Sunday, I see many butcher shops operating on the road side of Hosur and many other parts of the country (very less in Gujarat). I do feel sympathy for the poor animals standing in queue to be killed. Condition of many human beings are not much different from them.

The Goat/Ship’s strategy: When a goat/sheep standing in queue to be killed for meat, see their fellow goat/sheep being killed, though scared and unhappy, they try to avoid seeing the scene, maintain silence, tries to graze something, even try to have sex with the nearby goats and when taken for killing they cry (some loudly, some in feeble voice) until they are no more to cry!
Many human beings and other animals too follow the same strategy. 

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  1. Namaste my brother Prit. What is death? We see many illusions one of which is death.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in 2010 my brother. May 2011 find us both closer to unity and unconditional love.

    In Lak' esh, my brother, I am you as you are me...