Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Using Astrology in Planning the Life

The Traders and speculators in the stock/commodity market use Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis to plan their trade and gain profit while reducing the risks and minimizing the loss.
These analysis is based on the belief that "History Repeats Itself". All businesses, particularly the insurance industry is based on Trend Analysis. Learnings from the Past forms the basis of Planning for the Future.
Astrology is too a similar science. Similar to the Exchange markets, Human life is too filled with many risks and uncertainties. From the beginning of civilizations, people would be trying to analyze the fact why some one becomes so fortunate and someone so unfortunate? Why some one is able to gain maximum success and happiness in life? Based on the different studies and generalizations, some conclusions on human fate would had been derived which became the science of Astrology. 
Indian Vedic Astrology takes time of birth, date of birth, and place of birth for predicting the fortune. Palmistry, finger print reading, face reading, hand-writing reading, etc. are also used by many astrologers/personality analyzers.
The influence of planets (astronomical objects), Vastu sastra, color, metals and stones, "karma of past birth", karma in the present life, relationship with relatives, dependents and friends, etc. are also used in explaining many happenings in life.
Some people have good intuition and they can foresee some events. Some people talks of their dream coming true. These all may be the effects of different mental energies, influence of past birth or the "spirits".
Career and Sex are the too main goals of most of the living beings. (As per the Indian philosophy, apart from     Arth (Money) and Kama (Sex), the other two are Spiritualism/Dharma and Moksha).
Very few people get success in getting the desired career, sexual relationships, progenies, property, recognition, etc. Large number of people suffers from one or the other frustrations. 
The science of astrology can be used to manage the frustrations by providing prudence, perseverance and rationalism towards different disturbing events in life.
I too ponder about the possibility of getting a progeny with fate and success similar to a given successful personality by a planned and controlled copulation, pregnancy, delivery and grooming of the child. For this the mutual understanding and cooperation between the male-female copulating partners are must.
Sometimes in a society, a female is more successful than the "matching age group" males of that society. In this case, without compromising her ego, she will find difficulty in getting the bridegroom. If not motivated/"compelled" to marry, possibility of her remaining unmarried  is high which is not good from the "Eugenics" point of view, but may be good from the entrepreneur/leader point of view!. (In India and many parts of the world, marriages are mainly out of the compulsion by parents, family, society, etc.). Here again the astrology can play an important role to help the female in taking her marriage decision. This also holds good for the male who finds difficulty in getting his "perfect" "other half".
If we take a successful personality who was able to get success in career (remuneration, recognition) and sex (love, marriage with the desired partner with getting of progeny (successful and fertile)), study his/her place and time of birth and make a back calculation about the probable time of copulation by his/her parents, and try to replicate some of the environmental factors which prevailed from his/her copulation to delivery and grooming, will it not be possible to get a child near to the success of that personality?
Many successful astrologers would be those who have studied large number of successful personalities and the environmental factors associated with them.
It is bit difficult to plan the copulation, but the time of marriage and culture has role in it. Creating good environment during pregnancy is quiet easy to attain. Deciding the suitable place of delivery can also be planned, and it is quiet easy to attain.
After the child's birth, his/her kundli/horoscope should be prepared and analysed. The study of the kundli should be in the background of new environment and new opportunities. The successful personalities with similar kundili/horoscope/date, time and place of birth should also be studied. Recommendations from other branches of astrology like palmistry, Numerology, Nadi astrology can also be taken into account.

Based on these astrological predictions, with the study of new environment and opportunities, if the direction/path of life is planned, will it not be easy for the child to attain success?

Genealogy/Family Tree:  As we cannot separate ourself from some of the hereditary diseases, we cannot separate ourself from the good and bad deeds of our ancestors, parents and other relatives. An individual and/or a family needs to maintain the genealogical records/family tree of their parents, relatives and ancestors, especially in reference to the timings and date of the important events like birth, different turning points, education, profession, relations, fortunes and misfortunes, success and mistakes, children, investments, death,  etc. These records will also play a very important role in planning the life of the young child.
For the believers of Life after Death: Quiet often, the deceased family members/relatives, takes rebirth in the same family. So the family records will help in giving the child a better future.

Acknowledgement: I am grateful to Shri Nagaprasad, CEO, Safe Trade Advisors (, Bangalore,  who taught me the basics of Technical and Fundamental analysis in Commodity Trading.

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